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Star Ring Game Limited
Star Ring Game Limited

Zgirls is a mobile anime MMO strategy game by Star Ring Game Limited.

When the zombies approach, you have to defend yourself! Don't want to blindly await death? Call up your school girls! Over 30 million players across the globe are waiting to play with you! The war has just begun...

After a massive viral attack, the world has befallen to a disaster in which zombies spread all over it. The last human beings are stuck inside the ruins of a school, and you are their commander. Here, you can collect and train beautiful young girls with different talents to be your personal zombie killers. They’re ready to eliminate zombies outside the school for you. A huge wave of zombies is coming and you’re the last hope of saving the earth and mankind! (ง •̀ω•́)ง


  • The crazy storyline of this game will suck you in
  • Collect and train numerous Zgirls to be your zombie killers
  • Upgrade your base to resist all kinds of raids from zombies and foes
  • Manufacture ultimate equipment to support your forces even better
  • Abundant quests and events help you quickly develop
  • Play with friends or foes among players from all over the world
  • Face and take down terrifying zombies. Go, Zgirls!


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